Welcome to our Donut Drop Menu.  Ever wonder if we have your donut available?  Please feel free to call Donut Drop 1-847-794-8709 or email DonutDrop@live.com

*All donuts are subject to availability*

Classic Donuts

Single Donut/Half-Dozen/Full-Dozen


Cake Donuts

Plain Cake

Chocolate Cake (Available with Sprinkles,  or Coconut)

Vanilla Cake (Available with Sprinkles, Coconut)

Glazed Cake

Toasted Coconut Cake

Double Chocolate (Available with Sprinkles)

Glazed Chocolate Cake

Glazed Red Velvet

Chocolate Red Velvet (Available with Sprinkles)

Glazed Old Fashion

Chocolate Old Fashion

Strawberry-Coconut Old Fashion

Glazed Buttermilk

Chocolate Buttermilk

Cinnamon Apple Crisp

Glazed Blueberry

Glazed French Cruller

Raised/Yeast Donuts

Glazed Rings

Chocolate Iced Ring (Available with Sprinkles)

Vanilla Iced Ring (Available with Sprinkles)

Strawberry Sprinkled Ring (Homer Simpson Donut)

Vanilla Long John (Available with Sprinkles)

Chocolate Long John (Available with Sprinkles)

Maple Ring

Glazed Twist

Sugar Twist

Raspberry Filled/Bismarck (Available Glazed, Powdered, or Sugared)

Boston Cream

Strawberry Filled/Bismarck

Sugar Custard Filled

Mini Coffee Roll



*You can replace a classic in a Classic dozen for a few cents.

Maple Bacon Long John (Strip of Caramelized Smoked Bacon on Maple Long John) $1.99

Apple Fritter $1.69

Bear Claw $1.89

Donut Cherry Pie $1.89

Nutella S'mores $1.79

PB&J w/powdered cinnamon sugar



(Sandwiches come with your choice of bacon or sausage, egg, and cheese)

Bagel $1.29 w/cream cheese $2.09

Bagel Sandwich $3.99

Toast Sandwich $3.70